Technology in Billing and Documentation

Genesis Rehab Services was among the first in our industry to adopt an electronic billing and documentation system. In the early 2000s, we recognized that capturing therapy, labor, and clinical documentation electronically would allow us to most effectively operate each of our rehab gyms.  Today, our therapy teams use iPods and iPads for point-of-service billing and documentation, giving them more control to accurately document the care that they provide. We also support electronic medical records in many of our sites of service.

Customer Portal

We offer a customer portal to provide our business partners with instant access to reports, billing information, regulatory updates, and company newsletters. Current partners, click here to access the customer portal.

Technology in Treatment

Our philosophy of care is rooted in "evidence-based practice," and there's growing evidence that many different technologies -- both traditional and non-traditional -- can enhance patient outcomes.  As appropriate, our therapy teams can incorporate iPod and iPad apps, Wii, Kinect,  It's Never Too Late, and Virtual Trainers into their treatment sessions, in addition to more conventional modalities and treatments, including RevitalCare, Lite-Gait, Biodex and more.