Health and Wellness Program

Wellness Centers

We help our partners design their health and wellness centers to include spa-like environments and state-of-the-art equipment, including NuStep, RevitalCare, Virtual Therapy, and ReGear. 

SPA Living® Health and Wellness Programs

SPA Living, or Seniors Pursuing Active Living, helps your patients and residents improve their health and maintain or regain their fitness while supporting and promoting independence. This program, which combines seminars, exercise classes, and monthly newsletters, focuses on both mind and body. SPA Living provides the resources, motivation, and encouragement to help older adults find satisfying levels of personal wellness to promote healthy aging. This comprehensive program uses the expertise of physicians, residents, healthcare providers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, athletic trainers, and exercise physiologists. 

Basic SPA Living® Materials

Free to our partners, the basic program includes:

  • 12 older adult seminars
  • 3 exercise classes
  • monthly newsletter
  • curriculum guides 
  • exercise books

Complete SPA Living® Program

Available for a fee, the full program includes:
  • 26 Senior Seminars
  • 12 fitness classes, including Tai Chi (Gen-Chi) and yoga (Gen-Ergy)
  • 8 aquatic exercise classes
  • a coordinator’s manual, curriculum guides, and additional supporting materials