Clinical Excellence

Genesis Rehab Services provides clinical support that's unmatched in the industry. The investments we make in our clinical and technological resources ensures that we can provide an individualized, holistic, patient-centered approach to care. Our goal is to help our patients to regain their highest level of independence and, when possible, return to their home and community. 

GRS is a clinically strong company with a focus on the right thing: patient care. I am not sure where else you would be able to find the volume of clinical support that we have here. - Christina Cole, OT/Regional Clinical Director 

We include our patients, their families, and/or their caregivers in the rehabilitation process, ensuring that our patients' progress and goals are both appropriate and sustainable. We provide proactive discharge planning and conduct home evaluations to ensure a safe discharge from therapy and to prevent re-hospitalizations.

Our regional clinical directors set us apart

Genesis Rehab Services remains one of the few companies that relies on regional clinical directors to enhance and strengthen its clinical service delivery. Our regional clinical directors serve as a clinical experts in their respective disciplines—physical, occupational or speech therapy—and have advanced knowledge in specialty practice areas such as dementia, dysphagia, pain management, low vision, and more. As the clinical leaders of a designated geographic area, regional clinical directors promote consistent and efficient evidence-based practice in the areas of patient identification, comprehensive assessment, and clinical outcomes. 

Our Clinical Recognition Programs help our therapy teams expand their practice

Within each rehab gym, we also provide our therapists and assistants the opportunity to advance their clinical practice by serving as Clinical Mentor or Clinical Instructor.  A select subset of our staff have also earned the prestigious GRS Master Clinician designation, which means that they demonstrate advanced competency and experience in a specialty area, as evidenced by their portfolios. These Master Clinicians (and Assistants with Advanced Competencies) serve as educators, clinical leaders, and valuable resources to GRS.