Dementia Care: GRS Compass Program

Compass Program

The dementia journey occurs at a different pace for each individual  
Individuals with dementia experience memory loss, confusion, communication problems, difficulty performing familiar tasks, and changes in behavior and personality. Through the GRS Compass Program*, Genesis Rehab Services gives you and the care team tools and resources to better navigate this disease process. 

We help individuals lead a safe and successful journey through the various stages of dementia
Our program is grounded in evidence, and relies on a collaborative approach to caring for patients with dementia. Using a four-color identification system based on the Global Deterioration Scale©, we create an individualized care plan for each patient that provides quality of life, encourages meaningful social interactions, promotes resident safety and function, and reduces reliance on restraints.

GRS physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists receive specialized education and training on dementia. As licensed professionals, our clinicians can coach family members and caregivers on how to best interact with and care for their loved one with dementia.

The GRS Compass Program includes education tailored to each member of the dementia care team as well as customizable resources to help maintain a consistent, personalized approach. Through the use of our presentations, trigger cards, posters, magnets, functional maintenance programs, and true north sheets, we promote a solid interdisciplinary foundation of dementia care. In addition, we offer standard resources for families, caregivers and the community.

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* Available in select locations nationwide