Student Affiliations

When students are given the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive, challenging and dynamic clinical education program, they will develop the passion, enthusiasm, and understanding to professionally serve our most valued customers: our patients.

Genesis Rehab Services is dedicated to providing evidence-based, patient-centered care for the active aging population in a variety of post acute settings. Clinical education experiences are designed to foster clinical competency, reasoning skills, and professional development of students with the ultimate goal of promoting a successful transition from the role of the student to that of an entry-level practitioner.

Clinical Affiliation: Fieldwork & Internships

We believe that clinical education is an integral component for skilled, confident, and dedicated healthcare professionals. Genesis Rehab Services provides clinical instructors and staff in a variety of post-acute settings for a comprehensive, challenging, and dynamic clinical affiliation for students entering the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, and speech-language pathology. We create an environment and opportunity to introduce and educate the student to the special needs of the geriatric patient.

Through our participation in education, it is our goal to develop clinicians who are prepared to meet the challenges of the geriatric population and who will contribute to the knowledge base within their respective professions.

University Partners

Genesis Rehab Services actively seeks to partner with colleges and universities to advance the skills of students, employees, and members of the industry at-large. Whether providing clinical affiliations for emerging physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy practitioners, or developing unique programs to meet the needs of our profession, GRS is proud of the relationships we've cultivated.

Observation Experiences
An observation affiliation is defined as a student shadowing a therapist or assistant while observing patient care, but performing no direct treatment to a patient. The need for observation time with a therapy clinician can arise in many different situations, such as a high school student, a college student completing college admission requirements, and others. 

Observation student placements are coordinated directly with the GRS Director of Rehab and, when applicable, with the site of service volunteer coordinator.  To arrange an observation experience, we recommend that you choose a Genesis facility at a location convenient to you and contact the facility to speak with the Director of Rehab.  

Please email for more information.