GRS to Participate in Healthy Aging Tour in Denmark

Posted October 26, 2017  

Genesis Rehab Services’ senior vice presidents Garry Pezzano and Dean Feick will travel to Denmark next week to participate in the Danish Healthy Aging Tour. As part of a larger US-based healthcare delegation, Pezzano and Feick’s participation is being sponsored by and paid for by the Royal Danish Consulate General in Toronto and New York, as well as Healthcare DENMARK. The goal of this tour is to promote the exchange of knowledge between North America and Denmark as it relates to models and approaches for healthy aging. 


For Pezzano, senior vice president of clinical practice, the tour will help him to learn more about Denmark’s single payer healthcare model to inform GRS’ own value-based solutions. Pezzano will also will spend time studying evidence-based population health management systems, comparing Danish models to those of the US.


For Feick, senior vice president of international operations, the tour will enable him to study how international companies, including those in Denmark, provide services in the acute/post-acute healthcare spectrum. He will use this information to generate ideas about potential practices that GRS International Operations could adopt for current and future business models.


Both Pezzano and Feick hope to gain a better understanding of how other countries leverage technology, identifying new and existing innovative solutions that could benefit GRS. They will also network with representatives from other countries to explore potential international business opportunities.

Garry Pezzano


Dean Feick